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Are you ready for drum lessons?

Ahhh, Drummers.. near and dear to my heart. This was my first instrument when I was but nine years old (I am in my 40′s now). If there is one thing that is common when you hear a tune on the radio, its the high quality of the drummer. I can honestly say that in America, a lot less emphasis has been on the guitar and more when it comes to percussion.girl drummer 2

Drummers have really come of their own in the last 15 years. Would be percussionists want to be able to play and sound like that. The problem in Alaska is finding an instructor that can teach the nuances of fine drumming technique.

My drum students learn how to count very early. Every limb has something to do and a timing that goes with it. Without the ability to count, a drummer plays everything by ear. Is this bad? If you have the inability to count it is. An ear players only source of timing is approximating what they hear. They are limited to single timings (strait 4/4, 3/4, 6/8 for instance). If you can count, you can do multiple timings at the same time. This is called POLY-RHYTHM, and we teach it.


The true drummer is the EXPERT at timing in all its facets. They can increase or decrease the timing of the group they are playing with at a whim. They can announce timing changes because they have the ability to ‘look ahead’ from what they are playing in present time and announce changes as they come. They are situationally aware, able to strike any cymbal or shell accurately by using their peripheral vision and keep their other band mates in view. A good drummer can break a stick and recover without anyone realizing it. Basically, a good drummer is the heartbeat of the group. They give a group performance LIFE!


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Children can learn drums at a very young age (as early a four). However, they will need a drum kit to practice on. Acoustic drum kits are hard to come by unless they are ordered (prices and availability may vary, email me for more information)
  • I usually start young children out with stomping and clapping. They need to learn how to control their limbs in time, so no need to have a set of drums immediately.
  • I do teach Zylophone, but it helps if the family has a piano or keyboard in the house to memorize the key positions (you will also need to purchase a xylophone).
Yes, we are certified with Connections, IDEA and Raven. We will even help you with the paperwork to submit to your homeschool advisor to get lessons going. We have connections paperwork available as a PDF download.

Additionally, the Kenai Borough School District (Connections) does a yearly criminal background check of us to ensure your children are in a safe environment.

Yes, we have successfully taught students with the following learning disabilities.

  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Asperger Syndrome
  • Autism
  • Dyslexia
  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
  • Blindness
  • Troubled teens

Again, the best way to see if we suit your needs is to partake in our free introductory lesson for student placement.

Costs vary depending on the length of the lesson and how often. I tend to not list the cost up front because of this. Our first lesson is complimentary and obligation free, so you can determine for yourself how much your willing to spend.

This is a good question. No, we are not the best fit for everyone. However, we are very good at what we do. In some instances arguably the best offered in Alaska. It is this reason why we offer our complimentary lesson so you can judge this yourself before spending a dime. We believe we fill the niche of excellence students and parents are looking for.

Our students learn how to adapt and improvise, basically to use their heads. Music is a great learning tool in recovering from mistakes. We are serious about our students and we want them to excel in not just music, but in Life. We have a strict no-drug/alcohol policy among our teens, and suspensions are not unheard of. We believe that our students need mentors, so we hold ourselves to a high standard.

Its how things should be done.


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