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Ben Ikerd

Ben performing a “Hey There Delilah”

The Blues

Luke & Levi performing a popular blues song

Emerald Poland performing

Emme also performing at the Peninsula Mall

Improvisation and Soloing

Ryan Bear working on his soloing chops

Are you ready for Guitar lessons?

First, lets get some fact straight and dispel some rumors.

  • guitarguy-231x300Acoustic (steel string), Classical (Nylon String) and Electric guitar are not the same instrument. The training for each is different, but the techniques for the different styles can be cross compatible with the right instruction.
  • Yes, we teach BASS GUITAR. We prefer to teach finger style, but will resort to plectrum style on request (bass purists are finger stylists)
  • First Act guitars are the absolute worst guitar to buy your kid for their first guitar. They are nothing more then toys with wires mounted on them. A full size adult guitar is no better to learn on for an eight year old. An entry level classical (3/4 size) only costs $70 through Amazon and shipping is free if you have Amazon Prime.
  • If you are paying more then $250 for your first guitar, you run a risk of wasting money (and not for the reason that you think).
  • Gibson Les Paul’s are not a starter instrument. Additionally its not one size fits all (shocker I know).
  • Nylon String guitars are actually the easiest to learn on. You can put nylon strings on a steel string Acoustic guitar and it doesn’t harm it. It will save those beginner fingers and practice will be longer and more productive.
  • Our syllabus is from the London School of Music. As far as I know we are the only school in Alaska certified to teach their curriculumRGT Exams

Our goal is to save you time and money. This goes from the time expended when practicing, the amount of information you receive as well as the instrument you play. As for the instruction, you will definitely get your money’s worth. We train beginners to advanced college level students.



Frequently Asked Questions

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Children who can read are the best candidates for guitar lessons. Unless under special cases, young children do not like going through the repetitive actions necessary to build the muscle memory for guitar. Usually this is around seven to eight years of age


Yes we do, but they are rentals. If you rent a guitar it costs $15 a month. You have to agree to pay for repairs to the guitar if its been damaged or replace the strings if one breaks. Additionally, if you go on vacation and you do not return the instrument it will still cost you $15. We do not loan out amplifiers for electric guitars.


Download our eBook ‘Purchasing a Guitar Guide’

Yes of course! I have a free downloadable ebook that can help you select a new or used guitar. This ebook covers..

  1. Selecting the right size guitar
  2. What to look for in used guitars
  3. How to find flaws in new and used instruments
  4. Best places to find good decent priced instruments
  5. AND MORE!
Yes, we are certified with Connections, IDEA and Raven. We will even help you with the paperwork to submit to your homeschool advisor to get lessons going. We have connections paperwork available as a PDF download.

Additionally, the Kenai Borough School District (Connections) does a yearly criminal background check of us to ensure your children are in a safe environment.

Yes, we have successfully taught students with the following learning disabilities.

  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Asperger Syndrome
  • Autism
  • Dyslexia
  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
  • Blindness
  • Troubled teens

Again, the best way to see if we suit your needs is to partake in our free introductory lesson for student placement.

Costs vary depending on the length of the lesson and how often. I tend to not list the cost up front because of this. Our first lesson is complimentary and obligation free, so you can determine for yourself how much your willing to spend.

This is a good question. No, we are not the best fit for everyone. However, we are very good at what we do. In some instances arguably the best offered in Alaska. It is this reason why we offer our complimentary lesson so you can judge this yourself before spending a dime. We believe we fill the niche of excellence students and parents are looking for.

Our students learn how to adapt and improvise, basically to use their heads. Music is a great learning tool in recovering from mistakes. We are serious about our students and we want them to excel in not just music, but in Life. We have a strict no-drug/alcohol policy among our teens, and suspensions are not unheard of. We believe that our students need mentors, so we hold ourselves to a high standard.

Its how things should be done.


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